DΛLΞN LIGHT a short history

At the turn of the 18th century a small group of Tasmanian monks made their way to Scandinavia to spread the word of the one true path to enlightenment, using a method which included rhythmic movement of the body to a form of hypnotic music and the consumption of meed.

The monks arrived in a small port just south of Västergötlandat at dusk in the midst of a great storm with visibility so poor they struggled to see their hands in front of their faces. The storm whipped up huge waves that crashed against the side of their small batteau boats, throwing overboard several of the monks who were lost to the drink. Those that managed to ride out the torrid storm were only able to locate land due to a great flashing light illuminating the sea and not too distant land thus guiding them to safe shores.

The monks finally moored there boats and made their way to the source of the light that had helped spare their lives to pay gratitude. On arrival at the structure of light they were welcomed by a prominent well-dressed figure who introduced himself as ‘Gustaf Dalén’. Gustaf invited them up to the top of what is now known as a lighthaüs with the grateful monks were shown around the gas lighthaüs.
Gustaf explained how the Dalén Light worked and offered the monks shelter for the night. Much meed was drunk by both Gustaf and the monks with the monks playing there hypnotic music and dancing until the night storm had passed and daylight had broken through.

These ritual meetings continued for years to come with the Dalén lighthaüs parties became legendary for their music, dancing and consumption of liquor.

Nearly two centuries have passed and the story of the monks saved by the Dalén Light have long been forgotten… Until now!



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