OUR MISSION: We want to help bring paradise to those who need it, we think that all of us who go out to party are pretty lucky and privileged. We go out and we will forget the worries of the day and will have a great time. For others, that is not so easy and think it is good to sometimes remember that and maybe do something to help improve the situation of others.

Music in general is a force to open you up and when exposed to it in a crowd, people drop their masks and attitudes and become more aware about how much we all share and have in common. How little it makes sense to dislike somebody because something about that person is different to how we are. And that we should be good to ourselves and others.

FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES: The way we purchase tickets for the events we want to attend has shifted to an online dominated world over the past few years, we have had to accept the practice of paying a booking fee on top of the actual ticket price. Here at PFTP, we decided that instead of that booking fee lining the pockets of whichever ticket site you are using, we would create our own site and charge a fee that people were paying anyway, BUT we would then donate any profit we made out of that fee to one of our charitable causes. What was previously a necessary evil has now become a necessary kindness! As more and more promoters sign up to our platform each week, the potential is huge and all we ask is that you guys purchase your tickets through us. We will provide you with a top end service and you can help people out with no extra effort! How awesome is that?!

Thanks to all of the great friends we have made around Sheffield, and the rest of the country, we have been able to start throwing our own PFTP branded parties. With top venues such as Dirty Little Secret and The Harley allowing us to use their spaces for no charge, as well as all the DJ’s playing for absolutely no fee (apart from the occasional can of red stripe!) we have managed to generate a large amount of pure profit for charity from ticket sales, as well as throwing some banging parties at the same time!!

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