NuNorthern Soul Session 57

NuNorthern Soul Session
As Summer moves towards Autumn our ears open up to a different sound, deeper and warmer, less disco and more classical… Still joyous in every musical note, but a little more downtempo and restrained… Once again we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy…

Track List
Luke Howard – August
Ian Darby – Twilight Hue
Ian Darby and Reverie – Afterglow
AM and Shawn Lee – A Part Of Something Missing
Nick Drake – Behind The Sun [Ron Basejam re-work] London Grammer – Wicked Games
Barbarossa – Bloodline
Barbarossa – The Load
Tommaso Cappellato – Music Power
Tommaso Cappellato – World Traveller
Sathima Bea Benjamin – Africa


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